Five Simple Tips for Successful Projects in Your Homeowners Association

Negotiating contracts with vendors can be tricky.   Because many people are involved — some who aren’t familiar with your community — misunderstandings are common. But there are some simple steps you can take to ensure negotiations on your next Atlanta HOA or Condo Association community project runs smoothly.

  1. Create a subcommittee. By forming a subcommittee, you ensure there’s a clear understanding of each piece in the proposed project. This single step will save you time because it helps avoid confusion when you begin the bidding process.
  2. Consult a specialist in advance. If you’re not clear on how a specification should be drafted for your project, bring in an expert who can give you precise guidelines. Of course, once the project is complete, you’ll want that same specialist to come back and confirm the work is performed to your specification — before you make a final payment. (For example, you want to be certain the drainage patterns are correct and the substructure is intact on an asphalt replacement project.)
  3. Keep detailed notes of all contract negotiations. To avoid any possible conflicts, the specifications should be attached to the final contract.
  4. Appoint one person to work with your Atlanta Property Manager. Typically, when you hire professional management, you allow the community manager to draft the specifications and get the bids.  If you designate one board member to work with your Atlanta Property Manager during the bid solicitation process, you can then bring the entire bid package (with recommendations) back to the board.
  5. Work with people you like. You’ll often enjoy the process — and avoid disputes — when you get along with the people performing your project.  So bring in bidders for an interview and request references.

Remember, when you receive a contract, you — as a board — have the right to add addendums and counteroffers. Also, always must make certain you’re completely clear about the product or services being offered. That way all parties involved know exactly what is expected.

For more information on how Beacon Management Services can assist your Homeowners Association or Condominium Association in the Atlanta area, please call: (404) 907-2112 or email Lisa Simmons at Our complete list of services is available at:

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