Atlanta Condominium Owners Learn Simple Ways to Save on Their Insurance Premium

Insurance seems to be on everyone’s minds these days.  And why not?   Premiums seem to be increasing while coverage for home and property is not.    Beacon Management Services recently held an informative meeting for one of its properties with representatives from a major insurance company to discuss the topic of the day.

A major point of discussion was how to save on premiums.    Here are a few simple yet effective methods to ensure you’re doing all you can to lower those annual costs:

1.)  Consider raising your deductible

2.)  Invest in a home security system

3.)  Update exterior locks to dead bolts

4.)  Monitor your credit rating!    (Your premium is largely dictated by your credit score)

5.)  Install smoke alarms

6.)  Consider combining all of your policies with one carrier in order to qualify for multi-policy discounts

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